Maintaining Kinship Networks


In many rural areas, residents live on property passed down through generations. These parcels can contain several structures which house members of an extended, multi-generational family. These family members share many resources, including transportation, food, childcare, and elder care, which is critical to the resilience of the entire family. When, over time, some of these homes become substandard, displacing the resident to another location can have detrimental effects on the entire family.

Opportunity & Response

Replacement housing is a different type of development that lies in the space between repair and new construction. “Replacement” housing allows the builder to use the existing infrastructure on the site – such as utility connections, wastewater management systems, and driveways – thus reducing land development costs. This allows the kinship network to stay intact.

Rural Studio’s homes can offer a durable replacement, which is affordable to operate, maintain, and repair over time.


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