In 2020 Rural Studio participated with Fahe and RCAC in the development of a proposal for Enterprise Community Partners’ “Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge.” The proposal focused on public-private partnerships working together to harness the power of USDA 502 Direct Loans to advance equity & social justice in low-wealth communities of color in rural persistent poverty areas. This challenge was sponsored by Wells Fargo. While our proposal made it to the final round, it was not one of the two proposals that were ultimately selected for funding under this initiative. Afterwards however, Wells Fargo reached out to Fahe and has elected to support the initiative directly. This grant will support Fahe’s efforts to grow the capacity & connectivity of community-based housing nonprofits through training, certification & opportunities to grow their mortgage delivery capacity. Where appropriate, Rural Studio will work with these housing partners to provide the technical assistance to deliver high-performing, energy efficient, durable, & healthy homes.

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