Unaka Avenue

Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation (E8CDC)

Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation (E8CDC) secured HUD CDBG funding to develop an infill lot in northeastern Johnson City. At less than 900 square feet, the two-bedroom, one-bath house was intended to serve as a model home to gauge interest in a smaller unit. However, due to high demand for homeownership opportunities, E8CDC instead sold the house upon completion.

Appalachia Service Project (ASP), a faith-based not-for-profit, historically conducted repairs throughout the region with volunteer labor, but declining quality of housing stock prompted creation of a New Build team which utilizes ASP staff and skilled contractors to build new construction homes. The ASP New Build team is served as the contractor on the project. Thanks to their familiarity with efficient building practices, the house achieved a HERS score of 52.

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